Tip: How to Reblog Self Hosted WordPress Site Articles…

I have enjoyed so many great blog posts in the past but couldn’t figure out how to reblog on my self-hosted WordPress site. Today I finally figured it out, thanks to this article….



I decided to write this post which is related more to blogging but also relates to the arts and/or photography, especially if you see an awesome art/photography article online that you would like to reblog on your wordpress.com hosted site.

I scour the net on a daily basis for interesting articles for Windlight Magazine’s website. It is quite easily to reblog content that is hosted on a WordPress.com blog, as these blogs have a simple reblog feature. Of course it is not easy to reblog content from self hosted WordPress.org blogs. I have found a few work around’s so that you can reblog content from just about anywhere on the web, without having to do much copying and pasting!

Reblogging Content from WordPress.com Blogs:

This is really easy as if you are a WordPress.com blogger or writer with a blog on WordPress.com, you simply can use the reblog tools. See this link for more information: https://en.support.wordpress.com/reblogs/

Reblogging Content From WordPress.org Self Hosted Blogs if you are a WordPress.com User:

This one is a little tricky but still easy. You simply use the press this feature. Press this be added to your internet browser and as long as you are logged into WordPress.com, you can “press” an article onto your chosen WordPress.com blog, even WordPress.org self hosted blogs. This link has more information about press this: https://en.support.wordpress.com/press-this/

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