My 5-year-old grand-niece. Alyssa, desperately needs all your prayers and positive energy!

From her mommy (my niece): “Last night the girls opened their bedroom window in the rain storm to hear a neighbor. Alyssa couldn’t see so she decided to get up on the window…. She fell from the second floor and landed on the concrete. Her skull is fractured …. Her brain is bruised/swollen. …. Drs are saying the worst is yet to come with swelling. Please pray for sweet Alyssa.”

I am too far away to do anything but pray and reach out to as many friends as possible. Even if you do not believe in the power of prayer, you can take a moment to look at her picture and imagine her just this way — healthy & happy & smiling again.

Share as much as you wish. #prayersforalyssa

Thank you!



Alyssa & Mommy

Update: Alyssa’s fever has gone up.  We know this is the most difficult hours right now.  Must not lose hope.

UPDATE (Saturday late afternoon): In case you missed it in the thread, Mommy Staci posted: “Your prayers are working, her breathing tube is out and she is breathing on her own.”

UPDATE (Sunday morning): Mommy Staci posted: “Alyssa is improving. We had body xrays and have been downgraded to another room in ICU. Fever has broke and vitals to normal.”

I am so happy to wake up to more good news about Alyssa improving!!! Your prayers and shares have filled me with enormous gratitude! Bless all of you for showering Alyssa and her family with love and healing faith!

UPDATE (Sunday afternoon):  Mommy Staci posted: “She had sips of water and juice. Xrays show no broken bones beside skull fracture.”

UPDATE (Sunday afternoon):  Mommy Staci posted: “Alyssa is so strong. She was able to stand up and sit. She fell asleep in the chair and now is back in bed sleeping.”



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  2. Sending many positive thoughts and prayers.

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