Pics of Gratitude! Have you POG’d lately?

Day 1. A Walk in the Park. 100 Days of POGs

Day 1. A Walk in the Park. 100 Days of POGs

Before I found the #100HappyDays challenge, I had already been mulling over the idea of taking a photo a day of something I am grateful for. I have been battling depression off & on for years–more “on” in the last year. Writing a daily list of gratitude was not helping. A few days ago, while walking my dogs in the park, I noticed the vibrant blossoms of yellow, red & purple on the desert trees and bushes. My spirits lifted a little. Why not take a picture to remind myself of the beauty? The next day, I took some pics of the flowers. Then my dogs. Why not post one? I did [View on Instagram]. Why not post one every day? Why not post them for 100 days, just like the daily gratitudes I have seen online from friends and family? Continue reading

Welcome To My New Office!

I’m thrilled you stopped by!

Life threw me a curve ball early last year but now everything is back on track…sort of.  I still feel a little bit like a fish out of water. After being lifelong Californians–the last 40 in a beach city!–my husband and I moved to the desert!  Actually, Las Vegas! Before the hectic scramble to prepare my home for sale, I had been working for about three years on a narrative nonfiction project with private investigator, Deanne Acuña. LOSING LISA: Intuitive Investigator Series, Book One was published in March 2014. I had also re-issued one of my time-travel romances, MYSTIC MEMORIES. Then . . . well, Life happened.

We left So Cal before dawn on July 5th with our 2 shepherds, 3 cats and 2 parakeets. Yes, July. The hottest month of the year in the Northern hemisphere.  The temperature in Vegas was 114 degrees! Fast forward eight months of unpacking and renovations, we are settled into our new digs and I am back to work in my new office.

My book covers as wall art in my office.

My book covers as wall art in my office.

I am happy to say the second book with Deanne is now available. LOSING LISA: Intuitive Investigator Series, Book Two is on as an eBook for Kindle and as a print edition.  Two more of my backlist books are also on THIS TIME TOGETHER (time-travel) and THAT WILDER MAN (contemporary romance). My very first book, formerly published as RAPTURE’S LEGACY by St. Martin’s Press, is still in the re-editing process. When finished, the paranormal-historical-romantic suspense will be published under the original title, DARK COVENANT.

I am planning to have all the books available on other bookseller sites by April. Hopefully, sooner!

That’s all my news for now.

Thank you for stopping by!

– Gillian

Organize Your Novel With Excel – Laura Drake | Writers In The Storm

“We’ve talked about it in other posts. How learning your writing process is finding your way in a pitch black room, full of furniture. You can learn by banging your shins, but there are less painful ways. Hopefully, this post will help.

I’m an organized person, and it would make me crazy trying to locate details in my WIP. Which chapter did the dog first show up? Or the first kiss? Or harder yet, the smaller details – what kind of shoes did the old man wear the second time the heroine met him?…”

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