LOSING LISA: Intuitive Investigator Series, Book One has been receiving wonderful reader reviews on We would like to thank everyone who posted a review. They are so helpful with promoting our book!

next-publishingHere are a few of them:

“Could not stop reading!”

Tension and suspense. Well written. Great insight into the investigati
on world and esp. Wow! I can’t wait for Book 2! – Del F. Barrett

“I finally think I understand how Telepathic detectives operate.”

I am really enjoying the book, quick, easy, suspenseful read. I love the insights into how a Psychic detective does what they do. I very unique and interesting read. Looking forward to more from Deanne Acuna and Gillian Doyle! – Suzanne Long

“Best we have ever read.”

Absolutely one of the best I have ever read…can’t wait for the movie….Loved it from the beginning to the end…   – Edward & Barbara Girard

“Didn’t want to put it down!”

Fascinating and well written account of a true story. It is hard to believe that such depravity exits. I live in Southern California and the area was easily recognizable. Great characterization. The dialogue was believable and just pulled me in. I am looking forward to book two. – Gail A Dawson

LOSING LISA: Intuitive Investigator Series, Book One

Tightly written with A graceful use of language…
A brilliant book filled with crime, mystery, murder, telepathy, clairvoyance…
A treat for lovers of murder/crime/mystery books…I absolutely love this book…
I give this book 5 stars And 5 stars for private investigator Deanne Acuña… The world should be filled with more wonderful loving caring people like you…I can’t wait until the second book comes out…  –  MJ –

“Didn’t want to put it down.”

An easy read that kept me more interested and intrigued with each chapter. As a mother to 2 young kids I don’t usually have a lot of time for reading. But I made time with this book and finished in 3 days. I didn’t want to put it down. The characters were genuine and the author really makes you care about them. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait for another. – Adrienne Fisher

“Page Turner”

Interesting to see how investigators work behind the scenes. This reads smoothly with nice flow of language. Each event is sequential with no flipping back to another time. No unnecessary repetition. The characters become real and lifelike. Definitely a good read and I’m looking forward to the next book. – Suzanne Brucker

“Loved it.”

I read a lot of crime / mystery type books and enjoyed this book a lot. It wasn’t overly predictable like many can be. I thought it was very well written (with the exception of some minor editing errors). All in all, I’d highly recommend it. – Jeannie

“Losing Lisa”

Enjoyed the book from the beginning! Deanne has a talent for describing her characters that makes you know them and have empathy for them as well as herself. Looking forward to her second book! – Janice Snedden

“A definite read!”

Insights into the intuitive nature, telepathy, clairvoyance, of the investigator was fascinating. The book was hard to put down, chilling, suspenseful, doesn’t leave you hanging. A definite read! – Imhoffll

“Great book”

This author writes with clarity and beauty. She really knows how to put words together to make them sizzle, and the characters and plot really kept me engaged. I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to reading all of her others. – JP2013

“Powerful and Interesting Novel”

WOW! This is a very powerful novel and page turner. And I found it most interesting how a private investigator works such complex cases. I highly recommend this book. – Rachel

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